Reducing the filesize of complex 3D .OBJ models

create a filter script:

create a filter script for example to reduce any model to 32,000 faces script:

<!DOCTYPE FilterScript>
 <filter name="Quadric Edge Collapse Decimation">
  <Param type="RichInt" value="32000" name="TargetFaceNum"/>
  <Param type="RichFloat" value="0" name="TargetPerc"/>
  <Param type="RichFloat" value="1" name="QualityThr"/>
  <Param type="RichBool" value="true" name="PreserveBoundary"/>
  <Param type="RichFloat" value="1" name="BoundaryWeight"/>
  <Param type="RichBool" value="true" name="PreserveNormal"/>
  <Param type="RichBool" value="false" name="PreserveTopology"/>
  <Param type="RichBool" value="true" name="OptimalPlacement"/>
  <Param type="RichBool" value="true" name="PlanarQuadric"/>
  <Param type="RichBool" value="false" name="QualityWeight"/>
  <Param type="RichBool" value="true" name="AutoClean"/>
  <Param type="RichBool" value="false" name="Selected"/>

save it as 32k.mlx.

run meshlabserver with headless

meshlabserver -i original.obj -o new_small.obj -s 32k.mlx